Samstag, 2. November 2013

Catch report by Robin Reynolds

Steiermark Austria 2013.

After moving to Austria in 2012 It was not until Spring 2013 that I discovered the Carp Paradise that is Steiermark Austria.
Initially I was uncertain as to what baits to use as my carp career has been on hold for a number of years due to living in the USA and fishing mainly for Salmon ,Steelhead, Trout and Sturgeon. Then I discovered FINKELDE baits of Germany on the internet. I assumed as they were a Finkelde special recipe manufactured by Mistral baits UK that the quality and attraction would be suitable for fishing here in Austria.

I ordered 10 kg of white squid specials 20mm in preparation for my first trip in March of this year to Hubertus Teich Gratwein. There was still snow on the ground and it was reaching -7 c during the night. During my first week I averaged 2-3 carp per night for a week whilst most people froze in their bivvies and blanked. All fish caught on white CF1 squid specials over a bed of bread corn hemp and shrimp pellets.

During the spring and summer I went onto catch many more great fish up to 17 kg on both the main lake and the Full Pull. In fact I would estimate over 100 carp over 10 kg in that period.

In August 2013 I moved onto the FZZ lake complex in Tilmitsch. These lakes contain carp up to 36 kg in fact the Austrian record is in Fzz see. During my time at Fzz I managed to catch some great carp from Josser 2 ,Oswald and Fzz see up to 20kg. I constantly noticed that Finkelde Squid specials CF1 outfished by far any other boilies or bait I tried they are both instant a long term high quality baits.

It's been a great season so far thanks to Christian Finkelde baits and from the great Fishing and hospitality at Hubertus Teich ( Gerhard) Mary Renee. Also a very special mention to Fzz fishing club for the outstanding fishing and warmth during my visit this is uncountably Austrias and one of Europe's top big fish venues with something for everyone , many thanks to Wolfgang Suppan for your great hospitality.

Robin Leigh Reynolds

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